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In Person Classes

Towne Centre, Defense Highway, and Arnold Locations

Looking for a safe indoor option?We’ve got you covered! You can expect the same quality that Thrive Gym has always guaranteed, plus plenty of added safety measures. All students over the age of 4 years and all coaches will be wearing masks in our facility at all times. We have also chosen to go beyond the state’s required capacity limits of 50% and keep our capacity for our facilities at 35%, and are maintaining small student to teacher ratios.




Anywhere in the World! 

We’ve been having a blast in cyberspace with our online classes since April and they are not going anywhere! Our LIVE online Zoom classes will continue this Fall with 30 minute instruction times 2 days per week. Our On-demand Thrive-2-Go classes will be launching NEW Skill Specific courses and NEW Pre-K Packages in October! Stay tuned for more information on that and take a look at our current online class option.



Friends & Family Classes

Towne Centre Location

Thrive's Friends & Family classes are designed for students who want to be in class and still stay in their "bubble". Friends & Family classes allow groups of friends or families to reserve their own day and time for class each week where they will be the only students in the class! Teachers will teach to the individual levels of each student and provide appropriate progressions for each child. This will allow children to have fun, learn and grow while staying safe!

E- Desks 5.jpg

E-Learning Community

Arnold Location

The Thrive E-Learning Community is  similar to our Summer Camps and designed to provide support for families who want their children to excel at E-Learning while also getting as much physical activity and non-screen time during the day as possible! Students log on to their device during their synchronous school times while coaches provide support and encouragement. During lunch and break times, children are able to utilize our 5,000 sq ft gymnastics and ninja facility to run, play, jump and climb in a safe and physically distant environment. 


Camps & Events

Towne Centre, Defense Highway, and Arnold Locations

Whether you are looking to run out your toddler's energy at an open play or host an action packed birthday party, Thrive has the right event to meet your needs! We offer a variety of events including open plays and gyms, summer and no school camps, birthday parties, and MORE! Thrive events are the perfect place for children to make new friends, challenge their imaginations, and build new skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.



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