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Thrive At A Glance 

Not sure where to start?

Check out all that Thrive has to offer below!


In Person Classes

Defense Highway and Arnold Locations

With gymnastics, tumbling and Ninja Zone options, there is something for everyone at Thrive! Classes start for children as young as 6 months. All of our programs follow age appropriate lesson plans and are taught by experienced instructors, so your child can get the most out of their experience! Schedule your free trial today.




Anywhere in the World! 

Try out our On-demand Thrive-2-Go classes! Thrive-2-Go offers gymnastics, dance and Ninja Zone class options perfect for children of all ages. New content drops weekly, with tons of class content, bonus skill videos and more!



Friends & Family Classes

Defense Highway and Arnold Locations upon request

Thrive's Friends & Family classes are designed for students who want to a class experience with their closest friends! Friends & Family classes allow groups of friends or families to reserve their own day and time for class each week where they will be the only students in the class. Teachers will teach to the individual levels of each student and provide appropriate progressions for each child. 


Competitive Gymnastics

Defense Highway Location

Is your child interested in competitive gymnastics or tumbling? Thrive offers two competitive gymnastics league as well as a trampoline & tumbling league. Our team program prioritizes a healthy sport/life balance, and helping your child achieve their definition of success.


Camps & Events

Defense Highway and Arnold Locations

Whether you are looking to run out your toddler's energy at an open play or host an action packed birthday party, Thrive has the right event to meet your needs! We offer a variety of events including open plays and gyms, summer and no school camps, birthday parties, and MORE! Thrive events are the perfect place for children to make new friends, challenge their imaginations, and build new skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.



Give us a call at 410-995-8130, email us at, or visit us in person!

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