Open Plays & Open Gyms

Open Play

Daytime Open Play is a great time for children to practice skills, run out their energy, play in a safe

 environment and make new friends!

Ages: 5 & Under

Cost: $10 for 60 minutes

*Free for enrolled students.

* Pre-registration is required.​ 

One Adult Per Child.

Open Play is maxed at 24 participants.

Thrive - Defense Highway

Mondays @ 11:00 AM

Tuesdays @ 11:30 AM

Wednesdays @ 10:30 AM

Thursdays @ 10:00 AM

Fridays @ 11:30 AM

Open Gym

Children 5 years and older can enjoy practicing skills in the gym, jumping with friend, and having a blast!

Ages: 5 & Older

Cost: $12.00 for 1 hour and 15 minutes


*Pre-registration is required.

Drop off is allowed.

Open Gym is maxed at 16 participants.

Thrive - Defense Highway

Wednesdays @ 11:45 AM-1:00 PM

Evening Open Gyms returning soon

Looking For More Instruction For Your Child

in Gymnastics Dance, Ninja or Cheer?