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Our littlest gymnasts will be having too much fun to notice how much they are learning, growing and challenging themselves. We use movement, play and gymnastics skills to teach life lessons that our children can use on the playground, in school and at home. Lessons like how to wait in line, follow directions, safely navigate physical obstacles and positively interact with friends. Each class follows a thoughtfully planned curriculum that is taught by teachers who use positive energy and encouragement to connect with and bring out the best in each child! 



A time for connection and development, Baby class is  structured to benefit both parent and baby. Each class provides opportunity for tummy time, crawling courses, fine motor and gross motor skill practice. Children interact with each other and parents through songs, group activities and exploration time. Little ones love the time to play and explore. Parents love the time to connect with other parents and make new friends. 

  • Ages: 6 months to 18 months

  • Cost: Free!

  • Class Length: 45 min


The  perfect quality time for parent and child to laugh, play and learn. Parents play, spot, lead, and encourage their children through instructor directed activities that improve gross and fine motor skills. Each class offers social activities and pre-school readiness activities for children to practice while making new friends. Children learn to swing, tumble, and balance in a safe and exciting environment.

  • Ages: 18 months to 3.5 years

  • Cost: $99/month

  • Class Length: 45 min



A time for fun and learning! Children learn how to balance, swing, tumble and perform basic gymnastics skills on all four events and tumbl trak! Each class respects the natural energy of children and allows them to work in a circuit instead of waiting in line. Each circuit includes opportunities to learn a new skill, practice gross motor skills, practice following directions and learn to cooperate with friends. 

  • Ages: 3 years to 5 years

  • Cost: $99/month

  • Class Length: 45 min

Need more class options for your pre-schooler? Check out our Ninja Class Options starting at age 3!

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