Competitive GYMNASTICS

Ages 3-18 Years Old

Thrive Gym believes in a healthy sport/life balance, a concept that our team coaches prioritize. We are committed to a positive coaching philosophy that uses gymnastics as a vehicle to build physical strength, confidence and self respect in your child. We love to use gymnastics to teach life lessons that our gymnasts will remember long after they have stopped competing. We are also committed to helping each child achieve their definition of success, not ours.

Thrive Gym strives to create a community that supports each other and provides each of our gymnasts with a sense of belonging and camaraderie. We want our children to know that whatever happens in life, they will always belong in our gym. Our goal is to create a sense of family and togetherness where our gymnasts lift each other up, talk each other through the tough moments and celebrate each other's success.

Director of Competitive Teams
Cherae Ragin

XCEL Team Director
Mandy Moran