Friends & family classes

Friends & Family Classes  are available at our Towne Centre location! 

Thrive's NEW Friends & Family classes are designed for students who want to be in class and still stay in their "bubble". Friends & Family classes allow groups of friends or families to reserve their own day and time for class each week where they will be the only students in the class! Teachers will teach to the individual levels of each student and provide appropriate progressions for each child. This will allow children to have fun, learn and grow while staying safe!

Tuition: $90.00 per month per child

How to Reserve Your Group's Class

1. Gather 4 to 8 children that all feel comfortable being in a group with each other.

2. Decide on 2 or 3 day/time options that would work for your group. Friends & Family classes are scheduled on the half hour, Wednesday through Friday 1 PM to 5 PM.


3. Assign one family from the group to register via our website or by phone. The registering person will need to provide names of other participants, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

4. Your group will then be enrolled in that class day and time.


5. Thrive will send an e-mail to all participants preparing them for the first day of class and providing instructions for payment.


6. Your group attends class each week and your group's class time is reserved for you month to month!


 Tuition will be charged monthly just like normal class tuition. Students will still need to be masked and practice physical distancing while in class. Other classes may be going on in the gym at the same time, but will be using separate stations and equipment. Please keep in mind that your class could be taught with a variety of different skill levels.

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