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Login To Your

Online Class!

Once you have enrolled for THRIVE-2-Go, see the instructions below to access your classes!


Email us:

Call us: 410-995-8130



After signing up for Thrive-2-Go, click here and login using the username and password you created during registration.


Once logged in, click “My Library” at the top of the page.


Your Thrive-2-Go class will show up in your library, click the “My Classes” button to view your on-demand classes, skill videos, and bonus content.

Helpful Hints

If you forget the username and/or password you created during registration, email us at We will be able to send you an email that contains your login information.


If you signed up for Thrive-At-Home, your Thrive-2-Go account will be created for you. You will receive a welcome email and an email containg a link and your login information.


And Don't Forget!

If you purchase a Thrive-2-Go class at full price, you are eligible to purchase a second class for 50% off! Email us at for more details. 

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