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The Ninja Creed and Personal Responsibility

Ninja class is LOADS of fun, I mean who doesn’t want to learn how to ricochet off walls and land flips? But did you know that Ninja Zone classes also teach personal responsibility and importance of character?

At the end of each Ninja class students recite The Ninja Creed. The Ninja Creed provides students a list of core values that we practice in class. We encourage our students to find opportunities outside of class to use these values, as well. From an early age, we focus on building work ethic and a sense of morality. At least one core value is shared during warm-up or before the class ends. We provide examples and scenarios for students to have a

good understanding during our discussion.

Our students do not simply memorize The Ninja Creed, we provide them with opportunities to live these values in real time during class. Personal responsibility is taught through our Ninja uniforms. Our students enjoy wearing the uniform, it provides a sense of belonging and helps them feel like real Ninjas! We see how it subconsciously builds unity and teamwork in class. Respect is taught when our instructors guide students through conversations with their peers. Bravery is taught when students challenge themselves to get over the Ninja Wall. And when class concludes, students recite our Mantra - Focus. Energy. Work. Ethic. Self. Responsibility - to enforce the character of what Ninja Zone truly embodies.


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