Ninja Zone Classes - Ages 3 to 14 yrs


Our Ninjas are challenged each class to "move uninterrupted through an enviornment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess and stealth". Nina Zone classes encourage children to use their energy, creativity and strength to successfully navigate obstacles, execute skillful gymnastics moves and master martial arts skills. Children have too much fun to notice that they are building strength, agility and balance as they strive to conquer each ninja challenge and obstacle course.


Through the sport of ninja, students will learn discipline, impulse control, responsibility and instinctual safety when rolling or falling. These skills with impact their life outside of the gym by helping to create confidence, independence and self discipline. Each Ninja class follows a nationally recognized Ninja curriculum taught by teachers who use positive energy and mindfulness to bring the best out in their students. 


Little Ninjas 

This high energy and fast paced class is the perfect mix of martial arts, gymnastics and obstacle course training. Ninjas love being challenged to do rolls, kicks, jumps and swings as they navigate challenges and skill ciruits. Children are introduced to the concepts of self discipline and self control through our ninja creed and martial arts inspired warm ups. 

Ages: 3 years to 5 years


Cost: $95/month


Class Length: 45 min


Ninja Zone 

The Ninja Zone class for grade school age Ninjas are packed with fun while developing athletic skill and character. Ninjas are challenged to increase strength and agility through obstacle course training, demonstrate creativity through freestyle movement, practice total body control through gymnastics and show discipline through martial arts. 

Ages: 5 years to 12 years


Cost: $99/month 

Class Length: 1 hour​


Advanced Ninja Zone

Advanced Ninjas build on the foundation of the Ninja Zone beginner and intermediate classes and begin incorporating flips, higher level martial arts skills and more free form activities. Obstacle running difficulty is increased and Ninjas show proficiency in the ability to fall safely, maintain focus and demonstrate high levels of spacial awareness.

Ages: 6 years to 12 years


Cost: $99/month

Class Length: 1 hour

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