Gymnastics - Ages 5 to 12 years

Our comprehensive grade school gymnastics program offers multiple levels of classes to encourage children to learn new skills, set goals and celebrate personal growth. From beginner to advanced, each level of class challenges students to increase strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Our coaches use specific positive feedback and a variety of drills in each event circuit to give children the practice and repetition they need to master new skills.


Skill progression is not our coaches' only goal. We are committed to using gymnastics as a vehicle to teach children life lessons that will benefit our students outside of the gym too. Lesson's like: overcoming fears by trying something they might be scared to do on the beam, building confidence by conquering a skill that used to be difficult on the tumbl trak or encouraging others to succeed through partner activities on floor. It is our hope that what our children learn in the gym will help them thrive in their daily life as well.

Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you.

- Simone Biles

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