Facility Rentals

Thrive Gym has three state of the art facilities serving families across Anne Arundel County. Each facility has its own unique layout that can serve a multitude of uses. Rental rates and information is as follows:


Untitled (5.5 × 4.25 in).png

Field Rental Rates

Individual Space
43' by 30'
Medium Field 2
90' by 43'
Single Lane
75' by 15'
Large Field
60' by 75'
*one pole
Small Field
60' by 30'
Medium Field
75' by 30'
Extra Large Field
90' by 75'
*two poles
Full Facility
8,000+ sq ft

*two poles
Basketball Area
43' by 30'
Film Review Room
Seats 15 to 20

Rental Requirements

  • All organizations renting space must provide proof of general liability coverage before rental time begins. 

  • All athletes participating must have a waiver on file.

  • All coaches must provide proof of background check.

  • There must be two adults present at all times in the facility. 


Our lobby features widescreen TVs, so that you can see your child throughout the entirety of their class or practice.

Not able to stay or wanting to drop off? We also offer SpotTV, allowing you to securely view your child from your phone!